Yes, I can!


I was always deeply uncertain about my own intellectual capacity; I thought I was unintelligent. And it is true that I was, and still am, rather slow. I need time to seize things because I always need to understand them fully. Towards the end of the eleventh grade, I secretly thought of myself as stupid. I worried about this for a long time.

by  Laurent Schwartz, Mathematician (Fields Medalist, 1950)

Math can be learned - and to high levels - by everyone. Not only did Laurent Schwartz - Fields Medal winner (equivalent to Nobel Prize in Mathematics) -  believe that he could do math, even when he was approaching the end of high school, but so did Maryam Mirzakhan who became the first female recipient of the coveted prize. Maryam got a slow start in mathematics and didn't become truly interested in the subject until middle school. While working on her Ph.D. at Harvard she was "distinguished by ...determination and relentless questioning". 

Math can be fun, rewarding, challenging and it requires determination and a positive attitude. Read the following monograph published by Ontario's Ministry of Education on Math Education. And remember - Yes, you can!

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